How To Solve Some Common Clothes Washing Machine Problems

Each and every one of us makes mistakes, but the consequences of some mistakes are steeper than others. The consequence of forgetting to buy milk at the stores is less compared to making a mistake that could ruin many of your clothes or damage a costly laundry appliance. Discussed below are some common problems that may come up when you're using a clothes washer, and some possible solutions to help save you time, effort, stress and money.


Should You Panic If You Used A Wrong Washing Detergent?

That depends on a number of things. Did you use top loader detergent for a front loader machine or front loader detergent for a top loader machine? In the second case, there shouldn't be much problem. Your clothes may not necessarily be very clean, but there shouldn't be any disaster. For the first case though, top loader detergents are designed to foam because there's plenty of space in the drum of a top loader which allows the suds to soak and expand through the laundry. The case is different for front-loader machines as they efficiency use their internal space and don't leave any room for suds. If you use a top loader detergent, it can result in the internal pressure building up until the washer door bursts.


When you realize you're using a top loader detergent for a front loader washer, stop the cycle immediately and drain the appliance later on. If there's still water in the drum, the door will remain shut, so make sure your drainage hoses are always at the go. If you are unable to stop or drain the washer, try to switch to a cycle that is shorter so that the accumulation of suds can be minimized.


You Left Your Phone Inside The Washer or You Forgot To Include A Sock In The Wash

It is true that we've all probably made this mistake before - forgetting to wash something important, or leaving something such as a phone in the pocket of a clothe when laundry is being done. If you are using a top loader washer then you have little to no problem. You can easily open the machine and remove or add whatever you want without any fuss or mess. If it is a front loader washer, things are more complicated. I've mentioned earlier that the doors of front loaders lock during the wash cycle in order to prevent the laundry floor from getting filled with the water draining out. This means you can't open the door once a cycle has started, until it's done.

The best thing is to check for any missing item at the beginning of the wash. However, if it has begun, the machine has to be stopped and the water has to be drained before you can open the door. For machines that won't drain on their own, there are some models that come with a manual drain to be used in emergencies. Although I'll advise you don't use this if possible as it can void your warranty.


The Machine Keeps On Tripping The Power

There are many things that can potentially cause this particular problem. The first one is if there a fault in the machine’s motor. Another is if it is leaking and the water coming out is interfering with the power. If the warranty on the machine is still valid, then you can contact the manufacturer to help you fix the problem. It may also be that when the washing machine gets overloaded, the motor will start to overheat. You can simply avoid this problem by making sure you don’t overload the machine. However, if your family’s laundry is too much and your machine can’t manage it, you should try to consider upgrading to something bigger.

If you are unable to solve these problems, you should consider getting a surge protector. You can also learn about what to do in case of blackout. 
You can also follow this link if you want to find out how to fix a leaking washing machine


The Machine Is Constantly Jumping Around

It is a common it problem and it may have probably happened to you before; putting a load of laundry in the washer only to come back and see that the washing machine has shifted to a farther position. You may be wondering that what the cause of this is. You should imagine eating on a rickety table with a leg that is a bit shorter – it’s really annoying because it is not balanced, and the legs are unaligned and are unleveled.

Now, imagine using a table like that to spin many kilos of very wet laundry. The centrifugal forces which are a result of the immense spinning would be thrown off by the imbalance. The best thing that can happen is that it would just make the washing machine shift across the room. The worst case is that it can damage the washer.

Here are some solutions to this problem:

First make sure that it is level, ensure you position all the machine’s feet on a level, flat surface. If they are out of position, you can make a few adjustments. The machine can also sit on a yoga mat or a towel. Their springy surface can absorb a bit of the machine’s force and prevent it from dancing around. A difference can also be made by simply rearranging the laundry inside a washer. If it necessary, you can pause the washing cycle and spread your clothes through the washer’s drum. This way, you will evenly distribute the weighty clothing items like heavy garments and towels.

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